Vote for Racial Justice: Louis A. Rodolico

Louis_RodolicoLouis A. Rodolico: District 1 Candidate

How have you demonstrated your commitment to racial justice?

I am a registered Democrat and have only missed one election. I consistently vote for candidates who have progressive solutions to end racism.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges San Diego faces to achieving racial equity?

For a city education is the strongest tool to get things on a better path. I support children displaying and explaining their history to others. We have made gains in my lifetime, as a council person I will do my best to see that the progress continues.

Check all of the boxes that describe your perspective about race.

 “Race is a social construction.”

✅  “I am colorblind.”

✅  “Institutional racism means that people who are not explicitly racist can support and benefit from racial oppression.”

“White people of all income-levels benefit from privileges bestowed upon them historically and in the current day.”

“We live in a post-racial society. Anyone can thrive if they work hard enough.”

✅  “We live in a country where race impacts one’s educational and employment opportunities.”

✅  “Racism continues to be a problem in today’s world.”

✅  “White people have a responsibility to work for racial justice.”

✅  “I am well-informed about the United States’ history as it relates to race and racial inequality.”

The limitations of the public transit system in San Diego mean that low-income workers face obstacles getting to work and pursuing certain employment opportunities. How should San Diego expand and support its public transit system? What role will you play, if any?

It is time to call out all those who use the dog whistle; that mass transit will bring undesirables to our neighborhood. It is racial and it exists in my community.

Clean, drinkable water should be available to all households, regardless of income level. What should San Diego do to make drinking water more affordable for low-income families? What role will you play, if any?

There should not be high delivery base fees and the lower tier of a water bill should be very inexpensive. This also can be said for; sewer, power & gas. As a council person I will push back on all utility suppliers to lower the base and first tier use fees. The large houses with multiple bathrooms and water for irrigation should pay a much higher rate.

How can San Diego raise employment rates among communities of color in San Diego? What role will you play, if any?

Education, education, education. Find councilors who can bring truants back into the system.

What should San Diego do to ensure communities of color are safe while reducing the disproportionate police presence and contact in their neighborhoods? What role will you play, if any?

Have officers do more grade school introductions. Police should not be viewed as hostile but as members of the community. Have more racial diversity on the force and have police cars with both races represented, highlighting “we work together”

How should San Diego ensure that children of color receive a high quality education that affords them the same post-secondary opportunities as white children? What role will you play, if any?

We cannot allow underachievement to pass through the system. This may mean more after school assistance. It will take all hands; parents, relatives, neighbors and of course educators.

What should San Diego do to support students of color, as well as immigrant and refugee students, in finding employment and high-wage jobs? What role will you play, if any?

 This is a hard one because the individual person must be motivated if they are going to succeed. Parents set the best example I would like to see more parents more involved.

What does San Diego need to do to better support its bilingual/multilingual communities? What role will you play, if any?

Anyone who is bilingual/multilingual does not have a handy-cap but an advantage.

What should San Diego do to ensure that low-income communities of color have affordable housing? How can San Diego support development without pricing out low-income families? What role will you play, if any?

Raising the minimum wage for starters it should be $12 an hour now. I am not a fan of warehousing families, the answers are going to be hard to come by, we can only improve things around the edges. So there will be many small projects, each project making a small dent in the problem.

The legitimacy of the police is undermined within communities of color because of racial profiling in police stops, police shootings of people of color, and racially disproportionate police contact. What should San Diego do to rebuild trust in San Diego’s police? What role will you play, if any?

Police body cams are a good start, this hopefully establishes better behavior. I would vote for cameras and race training, including a course about white people.

What is your stance on the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Important progressive movement. I have a strong dislike for the way we treat minorities. The fact that a person loses their right to vote when they go to prison should stop. Institutional racism remains an issue, I try to educate my children as much as possible about these things.

What is your stance on San Diego’s use of Proposition 21 (Section 182.5) and the San Diego 33?

 I will have to educate myself on this proposition and see if it makes any sense.

What role should San Diego play in the current refugee crisis?

A) San Diego should be a haven for refugees from Syria and elsewhere fleeing violence and economic hardship.
B) San Diego should not actively welcome refugees from Syria and elsewhere.
✅  Other)
There is no winning this one. If you say bring them here those who are hurting here will object.

Any Additional Comments?

I am Italian and dark skinned. I remember as a child the snears when we moved to a neighborhood that had very few Italians. Even as an adult I worked for a South African owned company and I was referred to as “Black Too” My experiences are only a shadow of what African Americans go through but I have seen a version of it directed against me and I know how much stronger hatred can be against others simply because of their appearance.