Vote for Racial Justice: Scott Sanborn

Scott SanbornScott Sanborn: District 3 City Council Candidate

 How have you demonstrated your commitment to racial justice?

I choose not to answer this question.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges San Diego faces to achieving racial equity?

I choose not to answer this question.

Check all of the boxes that describe your perspective about race.

(Note: Candidate did not check any boxes.)
“Race is a social construction.”

“I am colorblind.”

“Institutional racism means that people who are not explicitly racist can support and benefit from racial oppression.”

“White people of all income-levels benefit from privileges bestowed upon them historically and in the current day.”

“We live in a post-racial society. Anyone can thrive if they work hard enough.”

“We live in a country where race impacts one’s educational and employment opportunities.”

“Racism continues to be a problem in today’s world.”

“White people have a responsibility to work for racial justice.”

“I am well-informed about the United States’ history as it relates to race and racial inequality.”

The limitations of the public transit system in San Diego mean that low-income workers face obstacles getting to work and pursuing certain employment opportunities. How should San Diego expand and support its public transit system? What role will you play, if any?

I absolutely agree that San Diego’s public transit system should be expanded. Our system is inadequate for so many reasons including that referenced in this question. I intend support the expansion of the trolley system to the airport, the beaches and other high populated areas. I also support the construction of a high sped rail from San Diego to other large California cities. This is just common sense progression. We are running out of parking, the congestion is worsening and cars are just flat out dangerous.

Clean, drinkable water should be available to all households, regardless of income level. What should San Diego do to make drinking water more affordable for low-income families? What role will you play, if any?

We have to invest in innovative desalination techniques. The current available methods are way too costly. We can use the ocean water, the power of the currents and solar energy to desalinate Pacific Ocean water.

How can San Diego raise employment rates among communities of color in San Diego? What role will you play, if any?

Communities of color? The fact is that there are simply less jobs. As outsourcing and robots become more common, it is simply more cost efficient for companies to avoid the liability exposure that comes with hiring someone. We have to evolve with the market and the times. We cannot continue to force jobs and employment when those positions are no longer relevant. We have to get people relevant with the times. Employment will be available when people add value. People will add value with advanced education in relevant fields such as science, engineering and technology. The employment will come when we have people contributing. What we have to do and what I am going to do is focus on making education available to everyone. Current formal degrees cost way too much. With platforms like the Internet, there is no reason education has to cost anything.

What should San Diego do to ensure communities of color are safe while reducing the disproportionate police presence and contact in their neighborhoods? What role will you play, if any?

That is a tricky question. Police generally provide increased safety. If communities do not want increased police presence, then they will need to be able to successfully curb the crime themselves. I support community policing models to be utilized as police get more involved in the community while simultaneously building trust.

How should San Diego ensure that children of color receive a high quality education that affords them the same post-secondary opportunities as white children? What role will you play, if any?

I choose not to answer this question.

What should San Diego do to support students of color, as well as immigrant and refugee students, in finding employment and high-wage jobs? What role will you play, if any?

I choose not to answer this question.

What does San Diego need to do to better support its bilingual/multilingual communities? What role will you play, if any?

I choose not to answer this question.

What should San Diego do to ensure that low-income communities of color have affordable housing? How can San Diego support development without pricing out low-income families? What role will you play, if any?

I choose not to answer this question.

The legitimacy of the police is undermined within communities of color because of racial profiling in police stops, police shootings of people of color, and racially disproportionate police contact. What should San Diego do to rebuild trust in San Diego’s police? What role will you play, if any?

We have to hold police accountable for unlawful behavior. After all, they cannot have credibility to enforce the law if they do not follow the law. Following the law includes holding prosecuting police that have acted unreasonable. It also means firing police who merely acted negligently. Police unions that protect dirty cops inherently undermine their profession.

What is your stance on the Black Lives Matter Movement?

I choose not to answer this question.

What is your stance on San Diego’s use of Proposition 21 (Section 182.5) and the San Diego 33?

I choose not to answer this question.

What role should San Diego play in the current refugee crisis?

A) San Diego should be a haven for refugees from Syria and elsewhere fleeing violence and economic hardship.
B) San Diego should not actively welcome refugees from Syria and elsewhere.
✅ C) Other : “We can accept women and children. All fighting age males must defend must be drafted to fight for their country.”

Any Additional Comments?

I have much to say about racial justice. I intend to make myself available for discussions in the future.